I'm with the Quendi

The 6th Largest Army

10 June 1975
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Current cast list:

Lipstick. Short Khaki-clad red-headed mortal female. Born in the Welsh valleys, lived in London since she was big enough to run away. Edit 2008: Now repatriated.

Maedhros: Tall, red-headed immortal. Has a rather dodgy past involving genocide, torture and amputations. Cynical, pragmatic, somewhat arrogant and very loyal to his family. Born in paradise, left due to extreme boredom.

Maglor: Shorter, black haired immortal, and younger brother of Maedhros. Was once a renowned poet and warrior, although seems to have lost it a little on that front, due to excessive amounts of largatcil and ECT. Smiles and blinks a lot, far more cheerful than he has any right to be.

Mae and Mags have their own journal at red_tinkerbell. It doesn't get updated much because they're quendi and have forever.

mad siblings are love
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Maeglin: Currently missing presumed sulking.

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