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Elven Therapy
I'm currently writing Halls-of-Mandos fic about dead Noldor. That's the nice thing about Elves, their screw ups are so much bigger. Its very cheering.

Maeglin: *Woe woe and thrice woe* Angst is me for I am the betrayer of Gondolin.

Tyelpe: Yes, yes, get in the queue. I slept with Sauron.

Maedhros: *eyedart* We don't really count that sort of thing as sex, Tyelpe.

Tyelpe: It wasn't that-sort-of-thing. It was proper wine and roses, no warning tags required willing, consensual, the Dark Lord my boyfriend kind of thing.

Maeglin: Why do you always have to beat me?

Tyelpe: He was mistrusted. *Shrugs* I know what that feels like. Gil-Galad and Galadriel would have nothing to do with him. Gil-Galad and Galadriel looked at me fishily too. They were always polite, but they had always hidden the sharp objects before the Fëanorian called round. He was so very clever. It ended ...badly.

Finduilas: Suddenly, I feel so much better about my romantic choices.

Gwindor: Yes, thank Eru our writer had AUed you to Gondolin before Turin showed up. There would have been two of you fitting leather breaches on that mortal twit.

Finduilas: *Tries not to think about Turin in leather.*

After writing this, I feel better about my life too.

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Mind you canon isn't much better. Eol? Your brother? That half-Maia you are keeping locked in the cellar in the hope she'll develop Stockholm syndrome?

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